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Match play is a dynamic golf format where players or teams compete head-to-head on each hole, aiming to win individual holes rather than tallying total strokes.
Winners of holes earn points, and the first to amass enough points within a predetermined number of holes emerges victorious. This format fosters strategic play, dramatic comebacks, and a focused, hole-by-hole intensity that sets it apart from traditional stroke play.


"Skins" in golf is an exhilarating format that spices up the game by emphasizing hole-by-hole competition. In this game, each hole becomes a standalone contest where players vie to have the lowest score. The catch? Every hole has a designated value, or "skin," attached to it.
The player who achieves the lowest score on a hole claims the corresponding skin's value. If multiple players tie for the lowest score, the skin's value carries over to the next hole, creating a potential jackpot for players to chase. This dynamic format adds a layer of excitement, strategic thinking, and the possibility of big wins to a round of golf, making it a favorite among players seeking a change from traditional stroke play.


Stroke play is the conventional golf format where players complete a full round and tally their total strokes. The player with the lowest overall score at the end of the round is the winner. It's a cumulative competition that emphasizes consistency and performance across all holes.


"Wolf" is a dynamic golf game where players take turns being the "Wolf" on each hole. The Wolf can choose to play solo for potentially higher rewards or team up with a partner for shared points. Decisions made after teeing off add strategy and excitement to the game, making "Wolf" a favorite among golfers seeking a mix of camaraderie and competitive edge.