About US

Who we are

Athletes at every level, from all over the world, migrate to the beautiful game of golf. We all have our own reasons, but we can agree that this game offers the perfect blend of ingredients for someone in search of a new challenge.

Golf fuels our competitive fire by giving us the opportunity to create a stage for ourselves. On this stage, and within this natural sanctuary, we’re united through our shared passion of playing for something.


We’re building a new home for the players and fans who are about that action. Elevate your game by challenging your peers.

Our mission

Our mission is to unite players who share a passion of playing for something. We are committed to facilitating connection and camaraderie by putting competitive opportunity in the palm of your hands.

Beta Launch

Our open beta is available on iOS only to start. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive community and product updates.
The Sunday Sweat


We are committed to empowering our community to donate a portion of their winnings (in-app) to green initiatives focused on making the game more sustainable.